Different Types of Casino Games Played Across the World!

Casino games are one of the oldest things that are in existence even today. In fact, they are getting better every single day, and their popularity is reaching the crescendo every moment. Unlike the yesteryears where people had to go to a bar or a casino hall to play such games and keep them entertained, today almost all the casino games are available online and you can play them anytime anywhere. These games are classified into different types. The broad classification is based on where these games are played. The games played here fall under any one of the two types, table games or video slot machine.



Table Games:

Table games are also known as table-top games. They were called table top only to differentiate them from the video slot machine. That is the reason behind the name tabletop games. The tabletop games are further sub-divided into the following types:

  • Cards
  • Dice/Tiles
  • Random Numbers
  • Others

Card games: As the name self-suggests players play these games with cards and there are 8 different types of card games that are played in casinos.

  1. Baccarat: Baccarat is a game between two, and one winning hand is selected. The two participants are the player and the banker. However, there are three possibilities in Baccarat, player, banker or tie. Sp Baccarat is simply a comparing game.
  2. Casino war: If there is one game that you can easily understand in the casino, it is casino war. It is a game that represents war, and the players take up the role of warriors. Again it is a game between the dealer and the player but more than 50% of the chances the player has the possibility of winning.
  3. Poker and its variants: Poker is a famous card game that is played extensively in almost all casinos. It is one game that involves extensive betting. At this point, you will understand what true gambling is.
  4. Blackjack: Blackjack is again one of the prominent games that gamblers take part in. You will need about 21 cards to play the game. There are a set of players and a dealer. Each player has to play with the dealer, but they do not play against each other. This is how Blackjack works.

There are also other card games like Teen Patti, Faro, Red Dog and TrenteetQuarante. But they are not as popular as the other games, at least on the international platform.

Dice games: Dice games are also known as tile games. A dice or a tile is used to play these games. There are four different types of tile games namely Chuck-a-luck, Craps, PaiGow and Sic Bo. All these games have minute variations, and all of them have something to do with dice.

Random numbers

Both the games that come under the random numbers genre are very much interesting, and they are played by most of the casino visitors. Though these games require luck, they are very interesting to play. The games under this head are

  1. Roulette: Roulette is one game that comes to our mind when we think of the word casinos. Though most of us might not have known the name all of us know what it is. There is a circular board with numbers with some corresponding indications like colors and other details. The players place their bets on any number, and that’s how the game goes about.
  2. Big Six Wheel: Big Six Wheel is similar to Roulette, where roulette is more professional and organized.


Under the others category, there are games that do not fall in any one of the above categories. So they are simply the miscellaneous category. The games here are Fan-Tan and Two-up. However, they were restricted to their particular territories and didn’t go beyond the state borders.

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